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Clara Vanderzouwen

Holistic Consultant

Essential Oils Expert

My Story:

My story begins in 1974 while in high school when my uncle died of cancer. I did a lot of research on the subject and thought I knew everything about it and how to prevent it.

Then in 1980 my father was told he had liver cancer and after 14 moths he died at the young age of 61! 7 years later my mother died of Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow. Then in 2002 my 59 year old brother died of the same cancer as our father. It was time to do more research! I studied about Nutrition and learned as much as I could about many “Natural” things available at the time.

I believe it was providential that I attended a convention in 2004 where a man named Dana Clay Young taught on how the body works and essential oils. At the time he mostly addressed pain and lack of mobility in the body. In fact he did a demonstration on 8 different people with varying degrees of discomfort and lack of mobility and I was amazed to watch how quickly things changed for them! I was intrigued and began to learn EVERYTHING I could from this man, also searching the internet for confirmation of why something called essential oils could create change in the body!

I began a journey which over the past 14 years has given me knowledge, purpose, confidence and even the ability to work from home while helping many people on their journey:)

I have been educated in all areas of Essential Oils and people tell me I am an essential oils expert! I teach FREE monthly classes to help you learn how to use essential oils and how nutrition is important for your own usage. Topics covered are pain issues, emotional connections, physical and hormonal challenges. I have experienced many benefits for myself and who knows? You could benefit too if you chose to try them as well. I am also a Weight Management Counselor, and offer Detoxing Ionic Foot Baths as well as Bio-Energy ITOVI Scans.

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Visit Me:

Caledonia, MI 49316
Tel: 616-481-8587

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